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Metamorphosis Chat – by Ferhat Özgür In the 2010 “6th Berlin Biennale” I discovered the fantastic Turkish artist Ferhat Özgür. In this work ”Metamorphosis Chat” Özgür presents an everyday encounter between two women meeting over tea in a living room. Echoing material found in Turkish soap operas, the women discuss their everyday issues, family, grandchildren […]


Carl Hammoud

From ordinary everyday spaces to eye catching art. Hammoud investigates our social structures, indicating a recurring pattern in which unexpected events distort the system, only to have us pick up the pieces and try to put them back together again – to recreate a realm in which the endless chaos […]


Ejia Liisa Ahtila ”The House”

Eija-Liisa Ahtila. The House, 2002. In the shadow and solitude of her home. In Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s exhibition ”Parallel Worlds” at Moderna Museet in Stockholm (11 February – 6 May 2012). I saw ”The House”- a three-channel video installation that envelops viewers, mirroring the protagonist’s acts of self-confinement. The film opens […]


Hemåt / Homewards

Hemåt Ett telefonsamtal rann ut i natten och glittrade på lands- bygden och i förstäderna. Efteråt sov jag oroligt i hotellsängen. Jag liknade nålen i en kompass som orienteringslöparen bär genom skogen med bultande hjärta. Tomas Tranströmer Homewards A phone call spilled into the night and glittered on the country- […]