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Sample pool by Azahara Cerezo On a small population from which samples can be drawn through the voice of the philosopher Michael Hardt. Some meanings: Sample: 1 a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like 2. Statistics a portion of a population, serving as a basis for estimates of […]


”The drip that caused the beaker to overflow” & ”Take Your Guppy for a Walk” – by Benjamin Slotterøy

Det är droppen som får bägaren att rinna över –  Om jag väljer vara mottaglig för tillfälligheter i mitt skapande, hur mycket kontrollerar jag då min egen formgivning? Jag har accepterat att glaset har en form av vilja – det är det som är mitt handlingsrum och i mina ögon […]


The Clothes Make the Man by Owen Eric Wood

THE CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN Owen Eric Wood (Canada)  performance, 2007 video, 2008, 3 min. 50 sec. The artist uses clothing to change his identity by taking on the role of fashion model. By dressing himself in outfits that represent a wide-range of stereotypes in contemporary society, he points out […]