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Aurora – Contemporary Nordic Glass Art – Pera Museum Istanbul 05 February – 20 April 2014. Benjamin Slotterøy

                                                             Watch films from the exhibition here:                       1. watch?v=CILKt3akKuM   2. watch?v=xEYlF3FxhJY 3. watch?v=Uy2lBwK48Ro   The glass […]


Pera Museum Istanbul – The Vacuum Cleaner Act by Lotte Slotterøy

The Vacuum Cleaner Act  has also been screened at BLACK BOX  Art:Screen Sweden       Lotte Slotterøy From the press conference at Pera Museum in Istanbul.         More abot the exhibition in the book ”Aurora”. ”The Vacuum Cleaner Act” has so far been screened at: ”Art Screen Sweden”/Kulturhuset Borgen Gislaved, ”Garden Extravaganza Delight” Sleneset […]