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”My Flag” by S-U-B – Kulturhuset Stockholm (Sissi Westerberg, Ulf Samuelsson, Benjamin Slotterøy)

”What flag would you want to represent you?” This question is posed by the Swedish artist group S-U-B who is inviting you to design your own personal national flag. S-U-B will be positioned at the sewing station at Kulturhuset in Stockholm to turn the ”flag-suggestions” into reality during the exhibition.  […]


”Collecting Socks” by SUB

S-U-B is collecting knitted socks from the inhabitants of Lofoten to create an artwork that the community has contributed to, and therefore also is a part of. Knitted socks are something most people in Scandinavia can relate to, especially in Northen Norway with its tradition and history of fishing. Knitted […]


”The Struggle” – Lotte Slotterøy

      The Struggle by Lotte Slotterøy  


Lotte Slotterøy – ”What a lovely day for an apocalypse” (Oil on canvas)

”Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?” The First History of Man