Aurora – Contemporary Nordic Glass Art – Pera Museum Istanbul 05 February – 20 April 2014. Benjamin Slotterøy

27 februari, 2014 02:18
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The glass artists hailing from Northern European countries, present us here in İstanbul with contemporary interpretations of glass, a material inherited from past cultures. The artists, taking their influences from the glamorous nature and traditions of the North, reinterpret the forms that pass on from generation to generation, through pushing the limits of material and technology in an unorthodox way. They transform glass into a field of contemporary art, beyond the function, form, and technical skills inherited from previous pioneers of glass-making, provedand approved since the 18th century. They open up new discussion platforms for today’squestions while remaining true to the Nordic simplicity and grace.                                

Pera Museum

In Benjamin Slotterøy’s works, which can be seen as political, the conceptual content is of central importance. In one acclaimed exhibition, he made tubes of different types of broken glass. In one was an icy substance. With this work, he comments on the absurdity of transporting drinking water between continents. In another work titled Water and Oil, he shows the physical fusion of incompatible materials and the intolerable condition of environmental destruction. The Vacuum Cleaner Act, a film which he made with Lotte Slotterøy, and Dirty, a vacuum cleaner in glistening glass are two works related to this issue. The film portrays how his childhood, in the magnificent Norwegian scenery, is cleaned with vacuum cleaners as an impossible task. On a philosophical level, the question remains, “what happens if we clean up the past, cleansing, by removing what is unpleasant?” The work reveals many layers of political and philosophical interpretation. Slotterøy explains that the work points to, how nature is not something we can perceive with our senses, but is rather something we construct. Yet, it is also an important aspect of the work that the vacuum cleaner has, “no other function than being a shiny crystal clear human made object.”

Pera Museum

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