Rejmyre historical association’s photographic archives – by Benjamin Slotterøy

24 augusti, 2014 09:31

”For this project, I was given access to the Rejmyre historical association’s photographic archives.  I have created a work that is dedicated to all those who, in one-way or another, feel some kind of alienation in a small community. A collage of photographs that are among several sheets of glass, the different layers symbolize several generations in which the present has been mixed with the past. Some of the photographs are images of a time when society was characterized by belief in the future, when the glassworks in Rejmyre was a large and important company with several hundred jobs. The contrasting elements that are contained in the work are not just typical of Rejmyre. The controversy that these elements create can suggest how the outside world affects all of society’s inhabitants; inevitably and intangibly creating new attitudes, thoughts and ideas.

Special thanks to the Gamla Rejmyre Historical Society for sharing their knowledge and archives.

Benjamin Slotterøy



”Hard Target” A comment to the archetype of the male athlete as an aggressive, heterosexual, hyper-competitive, and emotionally remote subject. I worked with masculinity and the way it is characterized and performed in a sporting context, and suggests the existence of complex systems of desire and identification that accompany the way we view and consume athletes and sporting events. I transformed Ice Hockey cup-jockstraps into glass – masculinity is a very fragile thing…


Benjamin Slotterøy at Rejmyre Art Lab