Public Moss Installations by Tracy Steepy & Benjamin Slotterøy – Rejmyre / Sweden 2010

26 augusti, 2014 01:11


       Benjamin Slotterøy

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During my residence in Rejmyre (Rejmyre Art Lab), I spent my time brainstorming for various upcoming art projects. I wandered through the woods and eventually ended up at a small river’s edge where I found myself stacking and balancing rocks. Working in and with nature, I learned that balancing stones is an art form that results in a composition that generates contradictory feelings of anxiety and serenity and, along with its temporariness, make it a metaphor for life itself. It celebrates the simple beauty and delicate balance that is nature. I could see the reflections from the stones and the surroundings in the river and wanted somehow ”to be this this sensation” – could  I become the river? A few days later I walked with green mirrors in the forest and in the small community of Rejmyre, trying to reflect my surroundings without communicating verbally with the people I met.This meetings became mystical, strange, beautiful, uncomfortable and magical.

Benjamin Slotterøy

Transparency and mediation were the twinned themes of Art LAB’s 2010 international artist residency and workshop in Rejmyre.