Baby Bread by Lotte Slotterøy

3 december, 2015 07:44

Baby Bread – Performance at Torgallmenningen in Bergen Norway.


My approach in this project was to tell a story and activate people — to show what art does, not what art is. I use food in this street-performace  as a metaphor for life. Food is an object of consumption, change, and procedure. The use of food might be considered wasteful, because the way in which food is used is paradoxical to the expectations of its practicality  in contemporary society. I don’t believe that art should abide by certain social ethics and logic. Whether it’s wasteful to use food comes back to whether artistic practice should be politically correct. I think  ”correctness”  is an operating system that stops people from thinking and questioning, and is manipulated by commercial interests and the social system.

According to The Østfold Research Food Waste Prevention a total of 255, 000 tons of edible food are wasted per year in Norway, equal to 250 million bananas and cucumbers. On an individual scale, Norwegians throw away 10.2 kilograms of bread and 12.1 kilograms of fruits and vegetables annually. These figures also take food thrown on the way from the farms to the kitchen table and waste from industries, shops and large households into account.

”The police arrived at the ”crime scene” and wanted to know why there where so many people gathered, and what was going on? We pretended that we diddent know anything about the Bread-baby. The police stayed  for 5 minutes, staring intensely at the baby while discussing if it was legal or not…  A few days earlier, a homeless man in Bergen captured pigeons and seagulls – witch he later cooked on disposable barbecues outside a fashionable theater in the centre of Bergen. This was a big news story in the press in Norway. This project came about as a response to this homeless man’s actions.  The Baby Bread Performance was later described as ”The Revenge of The Birds”  in the newspaper Bergens Tidene”.

Homeless man cooking seagulls on a disposable grill after luring them in with bread and killing them with only his hands. Sounds like a brilliant idea if you’re poor and starving…