Metamorphosis (work in progress) 2017 Benjamin Slotterøy

Green is the new black – Benjamin Slotterøy

Metamorphosis is an elusive and multi-layered term. In biology, it relates to a complete change of form through successive transformative stages in the lifespan of an organism, such as the miraculous transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. The term also has magical connotations that relate to the inner psychological ‘transformations of being’ and identity as depicted in Ovid’s epic eponymous poem in which the interconnectivity of humanity and the natural world is brought to life through mythological and psychological shape-shifting.

Has my artistic processes transformed me as a person and how has my ability as an artist grown or changed over time? ” Metamorphosis,” depicting the art of transformation of some sort. Can the term be rightly applied to life-cycle transitions? Similar to many others, I have pondered this question for a long time. I have finally concluded that there is not, nor ever will be, a single definition for metamorphosis. The important thing is that the person using the word defines what he or she means by metamorphosis – in the context within which its being used.

Photo: Sarah Burchill