Hemåt / Homewards

24 april, 2012 02:03


Ett telefonsamtal rann ut i natten och glittrade på lands-
bygden och i förstäderna.
Efteråt sov jag oroligt i hotellsängen.
Jag liknade nålen i en kompass som orienteringslöparen bär
genom skogen med bultande hjärta.

Tomas Tranströmer


A phone call spilled into the night and glittered on the country-
side and in the suburbs.
After, I slept uneasy in the hotel bed.
I was like the needle in the compass that an orienteer carries, running
through the woods with a thundering heart.

Tomas Tranströmer

In northern Sweden there’s a new design hotel located some 60 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle in the peaceful surroundings of the village of Harads. It offers uniquely themed rooms that are also individual designer tree houses. The hotel is open all year round.