The Vacuum Cleaner Act by Lotte Slotterøy and Interlude Art Lab

11 november, 2012 08:07

The film is co-produced by Lotte Slotterøy, Jose Calvente (Soundtrack) and Benjamin Slotterøy / Interlude Art Lab.

The Vacuum Cleaner Act is a filmed performance shot in the magnificent scenery of northern Norway. The fim weaves together images from the Solvaer Islands (Solværøyene) in Helgeland where the two artists and siblings had their childhood. The project presents the rather impossible task: Trying to erase the invisible. Is it possible to remove impressions, memories and thoughts from our inner landscape – that is removing those unwanted things our normal eyes cannot see? The idea may seem as absurd as the act of hovering Mother Nature.

Just exactly what this absurd act struggles to remove, seems in its most immediate way difficult to pinpoint.  The other side of this is that the artists ask whether it is possible to remove scenes already occurred in the past? Can our stored unpleasant experiences become less visible to us, and what are the implications? Is vacuuming nature more effective than to sweep something under the carpet? And which imprinted traces and train of thoughts do we pass on to the next generation?

Benjamin Slotterøy sees the images of nature and the human behavior as contrasts itself. To him, vacuuming becomes the sort of purification process that potentially may be considered as a testimony to human stupidity. The performance can be regarded both as a protest and a pendant to many absurd human actions in modern society. 

The film was shown for the first time in 2012 at Bryne kunstforening in Rogaland – Norway.  In 2013 the film was selected as one of 18 films to attend in art:screen Sweden.

art:screen program: ”4 Degrees” 3 September – 6 October 2013

Danube Treasure 5:00 min. Ada Kobusiewicz, Poland
Les Baigneurs 3:30 min. Albert Merino, France
Sample pool 1:49 min. Azahara Cerezo, Spain
The Vacuum Cleaner Act 4:44 min. Lotte Slotterøy and Interlude Art Lab, Norway


Watch the film here:

The Vacuum Cleaner Act