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Parlour Games – Galleri Format

As win­ter ar­ri­ves in Oslo, we wit­hdraw into the do­me­stic shel­ters of our own ho­mes. The cold and dark­ness of ou­tside is counte­red by warm­ly lit rooms and the com­forts of fa­mi­li­ar ob­jects. ”If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house […]


Metamorphosis (work in progress) 2017 Benjamin Slotterøy

Green is the new black – Benjamin Slotterøy Metamorphosis is an elusive and multi-layered term. In biology, it relates to a complete change of form through successive transformative stages in the lifespan of an organism, such as the miraculous transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. The term also has magical connotations […]


Galleri Format at Collect 2017 – Saatchi Gallery London – Benjamin Slotterøy

Collect – Europe’s leading art fair for contemporary objects Collect featured 37 exhibiting galleries from 13 different countries on three continents showing work by over 400 artists. The Collect provides a chance to see the most exciting and newest craft-led artworks from around the world with many premiering at the […]


Treacherous Treasure by Benjamin Slotterøy at Galleri Kraft in Bergen.

  TREACHEROUS TREASURE Vi er en del av den, dømt til å leve med den, og i den. Dens vesen er mektig, vakker, rik og ettertraktet – ressurssterk! I mangt et menneskes ønskedrøm. Vi vil leve i pakt med den, men er og blir det et forrædersk ekteskap? Mennesket har […]