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The Vacuum Cleaner Act by Lotte Slotterøy and Interlude Art Lab

The Vacuum Cleaner Act by Lotte Slotterøy and Interlude Art Lab

11 november, 2012 08:07

The film is co-produced by Lotte Slotterøy, Jose Calvente (Soundtrack) and Benjamin Slotterøy / Interlude Art Lab. The Vacuum Cleaner Act is a filmed performance shot in the magnificent scenery of northern Norway. The fim weaves together images from the Solvaer Islands (Solværøyene) in Helgeland where the two artists and siblings had [...]

Carl Hammoud

Carl Hammoud

26 april, 2012 02:03

From ordinary everyday spaces to eye catching art. Hammoud investigates our social structures, indicating a recurring pattern in which unexpected events distort the system, only to have us pick up the pieces and try to put them back together again – to recreate a realm in which the endless chaos [...]


Land Confiscation by Larissa Sansour

18 april, 2012 08:00

Kulturhuset, Stockholm. 23 October 2010 – 13 February 2011. I verket Land Confiscation får vi under tio minuter följa konstnärens bror och syster när de enligt en sorgeritual sveper in ett av familjens hus i svart tyg. Detta följer efter besked om att egendomen konfiskerats inför Israels bosättningar. Kanske kan man [...]


This Must Be the Place: COFFER

17 april, 2012 12:24

Coffer follows last year’s excellent Byun. Filmmakers Ben Wu and David Usui’s This Must Be the Place is a series of short films that explores the idea of home; what makes them, how they represent us, and why we need them. Their most recent installment, Coffer is a meditative portrayal of tintype photographer John Coffer’s [...]